August 12 - 15, 2021
Colorado Springs, CO
Hotel Elegante Conference Center

A Light Worker Family Reunion

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August 12-15, 2021
Colorado Springs, CO
Hotel Elegante Conference Center

Inspirational Speakers

Community Presentations

Discussion Groups

Hiking Groups

High Vibe Meal Plan

Dr. Michael Salla*

Exopolitics Pioneer & Scholar

Kaya Leigh

Master Breathwork Practitioner & Trainer

James Gilliland*

Founder of ECETI Ranch

Stacy Goode

Paranormal Experiencer

John Vivanco

Remote Viewing Specialist

Dr. Starr MacKinnon

Licensed Clinical Psychologist/Clinical Director

Peter Maxwell Slattery*

ET Contact Experiencer & Educator

Tricia Margis

Journalist & Event Co-Host

Corey Goode

ET Contactee & SSP Whistleblower

Bill Foss

Akashic Records Specialist

Caressa Ayres

Jin Shin Jyutsu® Energy Medicine Practitioner

Jeffrey Ashur

QHHT Practitioner

Mason Feary

Intelligence Analyst

Mike Waskosky

Full Disclosure Activist & Event Organizer


Lightworkers, Experiencers, Wayshowers Wanted

To the Lightworker Community:

The Ascension Summit is a 3 day event designed to gather lightworkers and extended tribe for spiritual healing and a recharging of higher perspectives & energies. The confusing energies settling upon the collective consciousness offer much to process, but are nevertheless predictable in their efficiency to catalyze awakenings in all souls at this time, awakening many for the first time towards the inner work of greatest importance, and greatest potential for transformations and clarity in gratitude.

We are attempting an unprecedented degree of community focus and organic structure for this event. We are opening up the main stage to presenters from the community, as we want to hear YOUR stories, your experiences and your wisdom. Click here for the application form.

The first 2 days feature speakers who will focus on many subjects relevant to the current awakening process, and the tools & knowledge that can direct us more as we seek further towards refining our inner discernment which is always available.

The 3rd and final day will feature many outdoor activities, and will provide necessary structure for groups of attendees to form plans to take hikes, enjoy scenery, and have many spiritual and synchronistic discussions and meetings of their own. More on the Adventures Page.

Click here for Additional Ways to Collaborate/Volunteer

Purchase of Tickets to attend the event in Colorado Springs, or you can purchase the Livestream to watch live from anywhere. After the event, this purchase also allows access to view the video replays through your account on this website.