Ascension Summit Updates – June 2021

  • We updated the Adventures (Sunday May 15th) Page to add more information about the FREE hikes & workshops for Sunday, and also many other excursions you can schedule yourself anytime. We are also working with local spiritual leaders to create a New Earth Birthing Ceremony at a nearby park for late Sunday afternoon and will share more details in July.
  • We have confirmed that NO mask wearing or social distancing will be necessary at Hotel Elegante. With the exception of possibly at the airport, Colorado Springs is generally entirely mask free now. If you are concerned about travel restrictions, this website at is a good way to check for your airport.
  • We have received MANY speaking applications and will be contacting all who submitted a community speaker application form very soon. We will have at least 3 hours on Friday of evening reserved for community speakers, and additional time for a few in outdoor settings on Sunday.
  • We have added a Press Pass application form for those wanting to offer coverage of the event.
  • We have added an Affiliate Application form for those wanting to help promote the event. View more ways to collaborate here.