Experiencers & Wayshowers Speaking Application form
We are planning to open the main stage up to the community for a few hours of the event. We are hoping to get a lot of amazing stories and heart sharing packed in, and also will facilitate this sharing energy in a secondary room for even more time. This is for ticket holders only. We are unable to guarantee you will be able to speak on the main stage.

Vendors / Exhibitors Application form
We will have some space available around the venue for vendors and exhibitors.

Musicians / Performers Application form
We may be able to incorporate live music & other performances into various parts of the hotel lobby and meal periods.

Volunteer Application form
We will have some needs for volunteers, and can waive or discount the ticket price for the small number people who are needed as volunteers.

Press Pass Application form
We will be able to provide some free tickets for members of the press & independent media, though we can’t guarantee that we will have ongoing availability to offer this service, as you will be taking the space of a regular paying VIP ticketholder with your press pass ticket.

Affiliate Application form
If you would like to help advertise our event and get paid commission for sales you bring in, you can apply for access to our affiliate account features. This service is only for individuals/organizations with a significant platform reach.