Allison Gee

Parallel Timeline Experiencer, Holistic Health, Early Education, Business Admin, VanLife

Hello! In 2021 I am a preschool teacher from Seattle WA who is into all the cosmic, magical, holistic beauty the world has to offer. I am passionate about the improvement of the reality on this world. I spoke at the Ascension Summit about my experiences in a parallel timeline and time jumping.

This is the website to read about my experience in other timelines and to purchase a book I wrote about a planet I had in my head as a child.

This is a website I created for an educational resort I designed called the Humanitorium, where no one has to spend money for the basic necessities needed for survival.

This is my general personal website.

This is my website I started in 2021 about nomad, mobile, and van life lifestyles.

Thank you for helping us create a better world and more positive timelines together!