Amanda Joan Quimper

Creator/Experiencer "Amanda Joan of Heart" presents: "TV with Purpose"

Stripped Clean, “Television with a Higher Purpose” sheds light upon everyday issues and movements in history, to find solutions, spread awareness and create change using dynamic and unconventional strategies in a journey to bring awareness and save lives. Inspired by her Mother and a vision she received from God after prayer, creator Amanda Joan Quimper’s mission is to find new ways to change and save lives.

Amanda’s mission to bring light to everyday issues came to her through a vision she received after prayer and her spiritual journey was the key to transforming her life. She has also experienced prophetic dreams, angelic encounters and many revelations. Some of her revelations lead her to documenting many major movements taking place in history right now, such as the UFO and disclosure movement, the spiritual movement and uprising and much more!  Amanda recently finished her own documentary named, “Amanda Joan of Heart” sharing her story with the World. Amanda looks forward to creating “TV with Purpose” for the overall betterment of humanity.  *Visit: “TV with Purpose” or for more information.

Joining “Amanda Joan of Heart” is  Common Law Advocate, Dave Roberts on creating Lawful Assemblies or “Committees of Safety” on the land, which is our duty as the people. We must stand on the Constitution of 1789, the Bill of Rights, the Articles of Confederation & Declaration of Independence 1776 to have a government which is by and for the people! We have the Solution, a foundation built on God, please stand up with us today!

*Visit: or to start your “Committee of Safety” in your county today!