Casey Anderson

Creative, Intuitive, & Empathic Learning & Life Coach

We’ve been born into a world where we interpret personal identities as if answering a questionnaire, as if we are nothing more than random factoids to fill in a template, copying and pasting what we identify with all over our bodies.

This has led to us being divided from our true, authentic selves. In turn, this state of being has promoted thinking and behaviors that have resulted in division based on trivial matters, division which breeds more negativity.

This is nothing new and has been repackaged repeatedly for eons. But the time has now come to throw out the entire package and create something new.

We must go within to understand and connect with our authentic selves so a new way of being can emerge, where hearts are open. Here, truth, love, acceptance, unity, listening, finding common ground, working together, and service to others can flourish.

My own process of going within to connect with my authentic self led me to create the project I share in this video. I hope it will speak to many hearts.

Bigger on the Inside Video

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