Colby Luckenbill

Art, Lectures, Coaching

Colby Luckenbill is the author of the upcoming book: Earth – The Art Planet, 7 Ways the Arts Can Help Humanity Co-Create the Next Golden Age

Earth – The Art Planet awakens you to the power and unique opportunities the arts offer at this specific time in history as we prepare for the next giant leap forward in human evolution. Assisting us in healing ourselves and our communities, the arts stimulate the invincible nature of the human spirit. They open our minds and hearts, generate creative solutions, increase brain plasticity and regeneration, and harmonize humanity on a global scale with shared visions and frequencies. Author Colby Luckenbill outlines how the arts are poised to play an integral role in inspiring a consciousness revolution. By bringing the arts back into alignment with spiritual law, the cosmic force of love, and all that is good in humanity, the arts can help restore an ethical equilibrium to this world. Earth – The Art Planet presents a grand vision for humanity and provides the small practical steps to make it a reality.

Born in New York City, author Colby Luckenbill grew up in the artistic and multicultural heart of Manhattan which strongly influenced her perspective that we are all one multifaceted human family of infinite potential. She received her BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. In 2005 she opened COLBY GALLERY in the artist neighborhood of Pilsen, Chicago, where she represents local, national and international artists who inspire the human spirit. Luckenbill coaches artists in developing their careers in alignment with spiritual law. Her upcoming online courses teach you how to integrate the arts into your life to achieve your soul’s purpose. Luckenbill offers lectures on how to incorporate the arts into your life and community. She is especially focused on bringing her visionary techniques to off grid, organic, and self sustaining communities.