Esperanza Rey

Webinars, Live Events, Energy Body Expansion, Spiritual Growth, Planetary Activation, Remote Viewing

Esperanza Rey is the author of Hope Reigns – Beyond 2012, Humanity 1,400 years in the future. Currently working on Experiences With Angels. She is the founder of the iThrive Secrets – A center for connecting with the Divine – “New Consciousness, New World”.

She is a workshop leader and wholistic therapist who has extensive experience in the areas of past Life Regression, Quantum Healing, energy body expansion, planetary clearing and activation, and protection. She is a remote viewer, priest, medical intuitive, and contactee – who works with energy, music, vocal tones, water, and the earth’s ley lines.

She is an intuitive facilitator dedicated to helping others connect to their divine essence and the Ultimate Divine.  She has taught for over 15 years in Europe and the US. Esperanza was shown numerous energy centers on the planet and was taught how to balance, activate, connect, and protect these energy centers.

Esperanza’s experiences with meditation and spirituality led her to a career in IT and working with DoD.  She enjoyed a successful career as a Systems Engineer for BAH in Information Management and Security. She was Senior Security Systems Engineer for Aegis, working on Joint Strike Fighter “F35”. She was Principal Systems Engineer for Raytheon Network Centric Systems partnering with Future Combat Systems (FCS). Appointed Principal Systems Engineer and Lean Network Integrator for SAIC’s Geospatial Space Intelligence Division working with Satellite Communication Intrusion.

The Story I will share is either the Pillar of Light or Quantum Tunneling.  I would have the audience experience is it with me.

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