Estelle Tanner

Hypnosis/Past Life Regression, Remote Spirit Therapy, Aftercare Coaching, Counseling

I know my true purpose:  Helping others achieve self – mastery and sovereignty through hypnosis and regression.

Past life regression – it is the most fun thing I’ve ever done!

I started with QHHT, went on to BQH and then Introspective Hypnosis, then Mediumship and Remote Spirit Clearing.

From my third hypnosis session I was successfully detecting spirit attachments and removing them. (They hide.) (Sneaky buggers)

Now I’ve reclaimed mediumship skills (we all have them) and do remote spirit releasement with another medium. My amazing partner, Gretchen Ballard, and I can see and release many things negativly affecting our clients: dark force entities, earthbounds (ghosts), also AI devices and implants of all kinds. We see and clear portals through which these entities emerge, and we clear all manner of cords, curses, contracts and vows from past lives.

One very cool thing we do: reintegrating subpersonalities (inner child work) so the client can feel wholeness again. We all create subpersonalities to cope with trauma and bringing them home is so joyful. Imagine a string of kids and adults going arm-in-arm back into your heart center. That’s what we see. ♥️💔♥️

My Team:   ArchAngels Michael and Metatron are my main Angelics, plus my own spirit guides and my own higher self who connects to the client’s higher self.

Afterwards, I teach my clients how to protect themselves from further infringements because:

I believe it’s necessary that we all achieve self-mastery and sovereignty for the ascension process. I’m here to help.

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