Philip White

Inner-dimensional traveler/psychonaut.

Although I’ve experienced many “inner-dimensional” journeys via psychedelic plant medicine/shamanic method, one blue orb experience, and many angel encounters, the wildest ride and furthest trip has been my Ascension Journey!

I grew up homeschooled, in church and very sheltered with heavy religious programming all through my childhood and youth. Although I was shrouded in thick programming of a loving god that would send you to burn forever after you’ve tried all your life to do better….I somehow managed to build a strong bond with Spirit, and have had multiple undeniable angel encounters, with tangible experiences to accompany.
After I left my childhood home and embarked on life, searching for truth in the lying, backstabbing, hypocritical world of “the church”, Spirit had another plan that would shake every belief I had down to the very core, expose incredible truths and lies,  and take me into my own journey of psychedelic plant healing.

Shortly after this journey started, is when my boat of beliefs started to capsize.
Through my journeys I’ve encountered angels, et’s, orbs, entities, gods, devils, demons, relentless fear, overwhelming love, peace that surpasses all understanding/explanation, Iv encountered my I AM.
My Ascension Journey “started” with my initiation into David Wilcock’s Ascension Mystery School, literally the day after the last class, my life took the most drastic change imaginable!…that’s what I was after, that’s what I got!
Since that day, I have put all my time and will into shattering the constant stream of programming and lies, and replacing with conscious information, courses, and content, with love, light, higher vibrations, and intent!
I know I have a long way to Light Body status, but there’s no turning back for me now.
We all made an appointment to BE HERE NOW, shall we?