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I am a teacher of YOGA-TANTRA Classes are held in Brazil, in Portuguese. Spanish-speaking people will be able to take these classes and English-speaking people, who already have previous knowledge of Yoga, if they can follow visually, will be able to participate in the classes too! I’m studying English, so there may be new groups serving the interested public. See also the folders and our websites. It is a class with traditional Yoga postures, the Asanas, combined with the feminine, the round, combined with science and movement.

BENEFITS OF YOGA-TANTRA: Well-being, mind-body-energy health, self-knowledge, rejuvenation, spine.

TECHNIQUES USED: Postures, Movements, Breathing, Relaxation, Meditation, Energetic Cleansing and many more.

DAYS and HOURS: Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00 pm to 9:30 pm. If there are interests on other days and times, it is possible to change since we are starting new classes.

WHO CAN PRACTICE: Almost all profiles: children, youth, adults, seniors. And if you have pets like kittens, dogs, know that if they adapt, they can be part of the classes. This has been going on for 20 years! It’s a blessing, a happiness, an extra joy.

*** You, who are already a teacher of Yoga or other physical modalities, this is the recommended practice. Taking these classes, there is no other way for those who want to obtain Yoga-Tantra Training.

FREE SPECIAL BONUS: Walking Meditation. Check out more on the website: