Rita Shertick

Holistic OB RN, High vibe pregnancy care for a high vibe baby

Holistic OB RN Lamaze doula trained, graduated 1976, BSN. Help newborns maximize their potential starting with a healthy pregnancy and their total environment. Western maternity care is mostly run by doctors brainwashed from Big Pharm. Proper care begins with a healthy microbiome for the fetus from what the mother ingests, experiences and actually does. Mother’s emotions do chemically affect her child and this goes back multiple generations. Vaginal birth and breastfeeding are very important. Skip the vaccines at birth to prevent future health problems. A violent birth breeds a good soldier a calm birth for a peace activist. A bit of everyone’s aura can affect the newborn at birth, must have positive support people around, avoid the negative. Hospital environment needs to change, women need to walk or dance in labour also eat and drink. Birth is a spiritual experience not a medical procedure.Fear porn of birth needs to be stopped and women’s inner strength emphasized, stop pushing drugs in labor, teach the alternatives so our emerging generation is off to a positive start.