Featured Community Lightworkers

Allison Gee

Parallel Timeline Experiencer, Holistic Health, Early Education, Business Admin, VanLife

Hello! In 2021 I am a preschool teacher from Seattle WA who is into all the cosmic, magical, holistic beauty the world has to offer. I am passionate about the improvement of the reality on this world. I spoke at the Ascension Summit about my experiences in a parallel timeline and time jumping.

This is the website to read about my experience in other timelines and to purchase a book I wrote about a planet I had in my head as a child. www.newparadigmplanet.com

This is a website I created for an educational resort I designed called the Humanitorium, where no one has to spend money for the basic necessities needed for survival. www.humanitorium.earth

This is my general personal website. www.allisongee.net

This is my website I started in 2021 about nomad, mobile, and van life lifestyles. www.allisonwonderland.info

Thank you for helping us create a better world and more positive timelines together!

Shawna L. Frances

Learn Your Mission and Meet Your Guides. Work with Shawna L. Frances to Unlock All Your Gifts.

Book a 1-on-1 Session with Channel and Ascension Guide, Shawna L. Frances

Request a session here: www.shawnalfrances.com/contact, or email [email protected]

Shawna is a gifted healer, author and ascension guide who can help you break through the roadblocks
that keep you from reaching and living your highest potential. Shawna is a member of the Galactic Federation of Light and has channeled hundreds of messages from the GFL and others beyond our world. During your session, Shawna will invite your etheric team and her team to get to the heart of what may be holding you back from shining your beautiful light with healing and

Shawna’s no-nonsense approach will help you claim a new direction that is more in line with your authentic self and your mission on the planet. Sessions typically take about an hour and are done over Zoom.

FORMAT: Zoom video call or phone call
LENGTH: 60 – 75 minutes
INCLUDED: Recording of session if done over Zoom
DELIVERY: After purchase, you’ll receive an email from Shawna to set up the date and time for your session.
HOW TO BOOK: Visit www.shawnalfrances.com/contact, or email [email protected]

Website: www.shawnalfrances.com 

YouTube: www.youtube.com/c/ShawnaLFrances

Amazon: www.amazon.com/author/shawnalfrances

Facebook Starseed Group: www.facebook.com/groups/starseedlifestyle

so while part of you
may want to run and hide
and go back to the old
a bigger part of you
is getting very excited
about where you’re going
as a singularity
as a soul of light
where you are going
if you could only comprehend and understand it on a deep level
right in this infinite moment
you would be
absolutely jumping for joy
completely relieved
without fear
and it would just overtake you
in terms of a quiet content

The Galactic Federation of Light
(Channeled via Shawna L. Frances), June 14, 2021

Mary Karman

Intuitive Channeled Readings

I am an intuitive Medium and Clairvoyant. My readings are done by channeling messages from the other side of the veil.

I had what I’ve come to call as my “Near Love Experience,” instead of  an NDE, because there is no death! During this experience I was shown from the time of creation, up until the time of my crossing, I was gone for 4:44 Angel numbers! 😇

After my NLE, I was able to see, hear, and relay messages from the other side of the veil. My messages come by way of automatic writing and intuitive charades 😉

I can be found on the following media outlets where you can book a reading on Instagram, Facebook or  by email

[email protected]

Metaphysical Intuitive Insights in Facebook

Heartlighthealer on Instagram Mary KARMAn

Colby Luckenbill

Art, Lectures, Coaching

Colby Luckenbill is the author of the upcoming book: Earth – The Art Planet, 7 Ways the Arts Can Help Humanity Co-Create the Next Golden Age

Earth – The Art Planet awakens you to the power and unique opportunities the arts offer at this specific time in history as we prepare for the next giant leap forward in human evolution. Assisting us in healing ourselves and our communities, the arts stimulate the invincible nature of the human spirit. They open our minds and hearts, generate creative solutions, increase brain plasticity and regeneration, and harmonize humanity on a global scale with shared visions and frequencies. Author Colby Luckenbill outlines how the arts are poised to play an integral role in inspiring a consciousness revolution. By bringing the arts back into alignment with spiritual law, the cosmic force of love, and all that is good in humanity, the arts can help restore an ethical equilibrium to this world. Earth – The Art Planet presents a grand vision for humanity and provides the small practical steps to make it a reality.

Born in New York City, author Colby Luckenbill grew up in the artistic and multicultural heart of Manhattan which strongly influenced her perspective that we are all one multifaceted human family of infinite potential. She received her BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. In 2005 she opened COLBY GALLERY in the artist neighborhood of Pilsen, Chicago, where she represents local, national and international artists who inspire the human spirit. Luckenbill coaches artists in developing their careers in alignment with spiritual law. Her upcoming online courses teach you how to integrate the arts into your life to achieve your soul’s purpose. Luckenbill offers lectures on how to incorporate the arts into your life and community. She is especially focused on bringing her visionary techniques to off grid, organic, and self sustaining communities.



Light Warrior Princess Standing Wind

Speaker - Author - Ambassador


Greetings to you through the love & light of the infinite creator. Although I look like as “one of us” I am not “of us”… I have a different way of defining of who and what “I am” with memories of a life lived not on this planet.
I am here on ambassadorial mission to assist the planet by organizing, coordinating, guiding, activating, engaging and charging ALL the Star’Seeds & awakened ones, to collaborate them into synchronized consciousness connections.

All Star’Seeds & awakened ones are part of my mission and I am part of theirs! I HEREBY CALL UPON ALL STAR’SEED’s & AWAKENED ONES TO JOIN, RECRUIT, LEAD – the Global Synchronized Consciousness CONNECTION & Guided Meditation  on November 11, 2021 @ 11am & 11pm (Pacific, Los Angeles Time)
The global liberation, healing, ascension of the planet, shall rise with the Star’Seeds as they raise from the ground up!

THIS IS THE PLACE – THIS IS THE TIME & YOU are the One… with OUR collective mission to help raise the planet into higher resonance.
You have been walking around wondering about “the mission” that is way bigger than you, which you have not completed in your lifetime! Because “this is the last life-time” for most of the Star’Seeds on earth! We all intend to go back home! To our planets where we have our own paths of our spirits to walk! “THIS CALL” I charge you with, IS why we have to do this! Collectively, collaboratively! Take the lead, recruit, organize this STAND OF STAR’SEDDS! We are the ones to set the threshold ONCE AND FOR ALL TIME.

It is a MINIMUM 11,111 of us, who can break the barriers of  “limitations/restrictions of reality” which exist only in the MINDs of the collective. It was put there by the thousands of years of strategically planned and systematically applied brainwash…


CHECK OUT the web link below for many details!


Casey Anderson

Creative, Intuitive, & Empathic Learning & Life Coach

We’ve been born into a world where we interpret personal identities as if answering a questionnaire, as if we are nothing more than random factoids to fill in a template, copying and pasting what we identify with all over our bodies.

This has led to us being divided from our true, authentic selves. In turn, this state of being has promoted thinking and behaviors that have resulted in division based on trivial matters, division which breeds more negativity.

This is nothing new and has been repackaged repeatedly for eons. But the time has now come to throw out the entire package and create something new.

We must go within to understand and connect with our authentic selves so a new way of being can emerge, where hearts are open. Here, truth, love, acceptance, unity, listening, finding common ground, working together, and service to others can flourish.

My own process of going within to connect with my authentic self led me to create the project I share in this video. I hope it will speak to many hearts.

Bigger on the Inside Video

My Website – Authentically We

Telegram: Casey Anderson – @AuthenticallyWe


Amanda Joan Quimper

Creator/Experiencer "Amanda Joan of Heart" presents: www.StrippedClean.net "TV with Purpose"

Stripped Clean, “Television with a Higher Purpose” sheds light upon everyday issues and movements in history, to find solutions, spread awareness and create change using dynamic and unconventional strategies in a journey to bring awareness and save lives. Inspired by her Mother and a vision she received from God after prayer, creator Amanda Joan Quimper’s mission is to find new ways to change and save lives.

Amanda’s mission to bring light to everyday issues came to her through a vision she received after prayer and her spiritual journey was the key to transforming her life. She has also experienced prophetic dreams, angelic encounters and many revelations. Some of her revelations lead her to documenting many major movements taking place in history right now, such as the UFO and disclosure movement, the spiritual movement and uprising and much more!  Amanda recently finished her own documentary named, “Amanda Joan of Heart” sharing her story with the World. Amanda looks forward to creating “TV with Purpose” for the overall betterment of humanity.  *Visit: www.StrippedClean.net “TV with Purpose” or AmandaJoanofHeart.com for more information.

Joining “Amanda Joan of Heart” is  Common Law Advocate, Dave Roberts on creating Lawful Assemblies or “Committees of Safety” on the land, which is our duty as the people. We must stand on the Constitution of 1789, the Bill of Rights, the Articles of Confederation & Declaration of Independence 1776 to have a government which is by and for the people! We have the Solution, a foundation built on God, please stand up with us today!

*Visit: OhioAssembly.org or OhioStateJuralAssembly.org to start your “Committee of Safety” in your county today!


Nicolya Christi


Visionary, futurist, and author, Nicolya’s Work is founded on spirituality, metaphysics, philosophy, and psychology. She has developed various psycho-spiritual maps and models for evolving consciousness and brings unique new theories to the psychological and spiritual domains, all of which are inspired by extensive personal experience in these fields: Its trajectory spans the conscious evolution of the individual and the world itself; from Conscious Awareness to Conscious Integration, to Self and Collective Realisation, to Self and Collective Actualisation, and, ultimately, Self and Collective Transcendence.

Instagram: Author’s Instagram – www.instagram.com/nicolyachristiofficial/

Victoria Li

Martial Arts (taiji, math, meditation, etc.)

I studied Shaolin Hung Mei Kung Fu with Shifu Howie Solow for 10 years, TaiJi with Yan Cui for 5 years, and have studied Meditation with various masters such as Paramahansa Yogananda, Swami Dharmananda, David Wilcock, Bentinho Massaro, Sadhguru, Jivamukti, Cosmic Choir, and Awaken the World since 2016. I have been doing math all my life, including studies at Colorado Math Circle, HCSSiM, RSI, BioFrontiers, University of Colorado at Boulder (where I earned my MS Applied Mathematics), Cryptorado (earning my Certified Bitcoin Professional in 2019), and University of Nicosia.

Website: themathematicianisin.wikidot.com/

CV: linkedin.com/in/vli289

Soua Xiong

Abductee, Experiencer, Reiki Practitioner, Akashic Records Reader

I am an Abductee and Experiencer and have connections to a few star races (Draconian, Antarian, Pleiadian, Andromedan).  Even though I have been trained as a Reiki Practitioner, and Akashic Records Reader, I am currently not taking on any clients or providing a service at this time.  I am about to begin my Shaman path and will specifically be focusing on this for the time being.

For any questions, I can be reached at [email protected]

Thank You.

Banya Lim

ESM Past Life Regression and Spiritual Acupuncture

The healing journey with ESM Past Life Regression that combines Hypnotherapy and Acupuncture


Philip White

Inner-dimensional traveler/psychonaut.

Although I’ve experienced many “inner-dimensional” journeys via psychedelic plant medicine/shamanic method, one blue orb experience, and many angel encounters, the wildest ride and furthest trip has been my Ascension Journey!

I grew up homeschooled, in church and very sheltered with heavy religious programming all through my childhood and youth. Although I was shrouded in thick programming of a loving god that would send you to burn forever after you’ve tried all your life to do better….I somehow managed to build a strong bond with Spirit, and have had multiple undeniable angel encounters, with tangible experiences to accompany.
After I left my childhood home and embarked on life, searching for truth in the lying, backstabbing, hypocritical world of “the church”, Spirit had another plan that would shake every belief I had down to the very core, expose incredible truths and lies,  and take me into my own journey of psychedelic plant healing.

Shortly after this journey started, is when my boat of beliefs started to capsize.
Through my journeys I’ve encountered angels, et’s, orbs, entities, gods, devils, demons, relentless fear, overwhelming love, peace that surpasses all understanding/explanation, Iv encountered my mind..my I AM.
My Ascension Journey “started” with my initiation into David Wilcock’s Ascension Mystery School, literally the day after the last class, my life took the most drastic change imaginable!…that’s what I was after, that’s what I got!
Since that day, I have put all my time and will into shattering the constant stream of programming and lies, and replacing with conscious information, courses, and content, with love, light, higher vibrations, and intent!
I know I have a long way to Light Body status, but there’s no turning back for me now.
We all made an appointment to BE HERE NOW, shall we?

Indigo Moonstar

Integral Theory, Transpersonal Psychology, Ecological Civilization, Cannabis Consultant

Indigo Moonstar is a PhD candidate in East-West Psychology researching visions of Ecological and Integral Civilization.

He is the co-founder of the Entheosis Institute, a non-profit organization devoted to helping people cultivate a lived experience of their extraordinary, or divine Self through art, education, eco-spirituality and beloved community. He is also a cannabis consultant and industry professional.





Estelle Tanner

Hypnosis/Past Life Regression, Remote Spirit Therapy, Aftercare Coaching, Counseling

I know my true purpose:  Helping others achieve self – mastery and sovereignty through hypnosis and regression.

Past life regression – it is the most fun thing I’ve ever done!

I started with QHHT, went on to BQH and then Introspective Hypnosis, then Mediumship and Remote Spirit Clearing.

From my third hypnosis session I was successfully detecting spirit attachments and removing them. (They hide.) (Sneaky buggers)

Now I’ve reclaimed mediumship skills (we all have them) and do remote spirit releasement with another medium. My amazing partner, Gretchen Ballard, and I can see and release many things negativly affecting our clients: dark force entities, earthbounds (ghosts), also AI devices and implants of all kinds. We see and clear portals through which these entities emerge, and we clear all manner of cords, curses, contracts and vows from past lives.

One very cool thing we do: reintegrating subpersonalities (inner child work) so the client can feel wholeness again. We all create subpersonalities to cope with trauma and bringing them home is so joyful. Imagine a string of kids and adults going arm-in-arm back into your heart center. That’s what we see. ♥️💔♥️

My Team:   ArchAngels Michael and Metatron are my main Angelics, plus my own spirit guides and my own higher self who connects to the client’s higher self.

Afterwards, I teach my clients how to protect themselves from further infringements because:

I believe it’s necessary that we all achieve self-mastery and sovereignty for the ascension process. I’m here to help.

For more information and booking Quantum Sessions with past life regression, check out my website:


For information on Remote Spirit Therapy, contact me there ⬆️ or here:


Dr Juhl T Helias

Dr of Philosophy, Ph.D Minister of Metaphysics, Certified Master Numerologist and a Spiritual Oracle

Certified Master Numerologist specializing in the Ancient Naming Arts using triple digit numerology & quantum physic comparison. Giving guidance via Lifepath from birthday digits and adjust a title to advance and gain.

Ph.D Metaphysical Counselor. Spiritual master regarding the assistance of neural logic reprogramming and insights into behavioral adjustments that last.

Spiritual Oracle: As a gifted psychic training other psychics and the general public how to trust their own intuition and empower themselves. Basic EDU everyone can understand with deep esoteric information explained in simplicity. Also proficient gifts in clearing any negative energies and entities.

Dylan Tinnerstet

Ambassador for ET contact, Reiki Master, Yoga teacher, and master Hairstylist 🤍


on Instagram

Matt McGee

Telling of my Spiritual Journey through Angel Numbers/Numerology

In 2020, my brother and I started a weekly call based on research topics that were of interest to us. This included Synchronicities, Astronomy, Astrology, Ancient Civilizations, Government acknowledgement regarding beings from other civilizations, Brain Structure, Consciousness, Nikola Tesla, Consciousness based technologies, Psychology, Quantum Physics, Meditation, Spirituality, Secret Space Programs, and many more. This show will cover how these various research topics are interconnected and how they can help answer the age old societal questions of “Why did these issues keep happening?” and “How have we gotten to this point?”. The X-Files had it right when they said, ‘THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE’.

In addition, the podcast covers my spiritual journey and how angel numbers/numerology has guided me to even this very moment of writing this description. It’s a lot of fun and I’m grateful for it 🙂

Podcast: station19.co/

Podcast Resource Website: sites.google.com/view/station-19

Email: [email protected]


PYR_Ingryd Ingrid


I am a teacher of YOGA-TANTRA Classes are held in Brazil, in Portuguese. Spanish-speaking people will be able to take these classes and English-speaking people, who already have previous knowledge of Yoga, if they can follow visually, will be able to participate in the classes too! I’m studying English, so there may be new groups serving the interested public. See also the folders and our websites. It is a class with traditional Yoga postures, the Asanas, combined with the feminine, the round, combined with science and movement.

BENEFITS OF YOGA-TANTRA: Well-being, mind-body-energy health, self-knowledge, rejuvenation, spine.

TECHNIQUES USED: Postures, Movements, Breathing, Relaxation, Meditation, Energetic Cleansing and many more.

DAYS and HOURS: Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00 pm to 9:30 pm. If there are interests on other days and times, it is possible to change since we are starting new classes.

WHO CAN PRACTICE: Almost all profiles: children, youth, adults, seniors. And if you have pets like kittens, dogs, know that if they adapt, they can be part of the classes. This has been going on for 20 years! It’s a blessing, a happiness, an extra joy.

*** You, who are already a teacher of Yoga or other physical modalities, this is the recommended practice. Taking these classes, there is no other way for those who want to obtain Yoga-Tantra Training.

FREE SPECIAL BONUS: Walking Meditation. Check out more on the website: www.pyringryd.wixsite.com


Divinely Guided With Jennifer Palmer and Katie Morton

Intuitives, Energy Healers and Spiritual Teachers of ascenion, manifestion and intuitive development

Free Intuitive Readings!

Most Thursday nights at 7PM EST, we do a live video to answer your questions for your spirit guides. Follow us on social media and join the live on the following pages:
Divinely Guided Facebook Page
Divinely Guided YouTube Channel
Divinely Guided on Rumble

Soul Growth Group With Jenn and Katie

Jenn & Katie host a spiritual growth & intuitive development group twice monthly in-person and online. Your spiritual development is vitally important to get the most out of life and to succeed in your soul’s mission. You can have more grace, peace, ease and success when you approach things from a healed, connected, wise and soulful place.

We focus on experiences such as:

  • Healing Activations & Meditations
  • Intuitive Development Activations & Meditations
  • Intuition Development & Practice
  • Healing & Clearing Techniques
  • Spiritual Concepts & Consciousness Development
  • Loving & Supportive Community

We’d love to support you in your expansion. Please join our fun community of seekers!

Private Sessions With Jenn and Katie

Jenn and Katie each offer individual sessions for intuitive readings, energy healing, and, spiritual coaching, both in person (Columbia, MD) and distance over the phone or internet. Jenn and Katie both specialize in spiritual guidance and spiritual coaching for the positive ascension process; entity removal; emotional imbalance and trauma; and personal and ancestral karmic release. They can also help you develop your own spiritual business.

Email Jenn & Katie:
[email protected]


On their website DivinelyGuided.TV, Jenn and Katie explore spiritual concepts that will help you with your spiritual awakening and ascension process. We create videos and articles that explore the topics of spiritual healing and growth, manifestation, and intuitive development.

Esperanza Rey

Webinars, Live Events, Energy Body Expansion, Spiritual Growth, Planetary Activation, Remote Viewing

Esperanza Rey is the author of Hope Reigns – Beyond 2012, Humanity 1,400 years in the future. Currently working on Experiences With Angels. She is the founder of the iThrive Secrets – A center for connecting with the Divine – “New Consciousness, New World”.

She is a workshop leader and wholistic therapist who has extensive experience in the areas of past Life Regression, Quantum Healing, energy body expansion, planetary clearing and activation, and protection. She is a remote viewer, priest, medical intuitive, and contactee – who works with energy, music, vocal tones, water, and the earth’s ley lines.

She is an intuitive facilitator dedicated to helping others connect to their divine essence and the Ultimate Divine.  She has taught for over 15 years in Europe and the US. Esperanza was shown numerous energy centers on the planet and was taught how to balance, activate, connect, and protect these energy centers.

Esperanza’s experiences with meditation and spirituality led her to a career in IT and working with DoD.  She enjoyed a successful career as a Systems Engineer for BAH in Information Management and Security. She was Senior Security Systems Engineer for Aegis, working on Joint Strike Fighter “F35”. She was Principal Systems Engineer for Raytheon Network Centric Systems partnering with Future Combat Systems (FCS). Appointed Principal Systems Engineer and Lean Network Integrator for SAIC’s Geospatial Space Intelligence Division working with Satellite Communication Intrusion.

The Story I will share is either the Pillar of Light or Quantum Tunneling.  I would have the audience experience is it with me.

Website – iThriveSecrets.com

Email – [email protected]

Email – [email protected]

Dana Day

Entertainer Cosmic Cowgirl singer

Singer song writer of consciousness raising tunes. “Cosmic Cowgirl” costume and activation. Can view and listen to songs on Dusty Pilgrim YouTube channel.

[email protected]

Rebecca Koski

Psychotherapist, Meditation & Energy Healer, Speaker

Imagine feeling lighter, laughing more, and being more spontaneous.   This is a journey of self discovery–that you are a being of  PURE LOVE.  Learn skills to tap into your own pure source connection and your own self-healing abilities:

— Purify patterns, release self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors

— Connect deeply to others using the new currency–Bonds of Affection/Love

— Stay present/grounded in your body

— Use your body to discern truth

— Clear out negative high frequency beings/influences

By following the energy, not the story, I’m able to see the patterns and where things are out of balance.  My gift is connecting you to the essence of who you are without the conditioning and noise and becoming FREE.

To learn more go to:


Email: [email protected]

P: 310-728-9955


Ronda Markworth

Listening Release Guide, QHHT, BQH, OCPD-Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder


My story begins in 2019 I had my first vision of a foreign country, had an estate sale and sold the house after being pushed by the Universe for months to ‘lighten up’ and ‘let go’. Following through, I briefly stayed in Florida until, a week before, I scheduled my flight towards a new journey not knowing which city I was to fly into, how long I would be there or even why.

Honestly, India was really not on my bucket list. I started this new journey on trust and faith, entering a country without speaking the language or knowing anyone there. Eventually, I realized I was meant to discover myself during the first and second lockdown’s there. During the time I was there, my situations and challenges were unique and would not have been possible in the United States.

I am so grateful for my spiritual experiences there, my new family and would return in a heartbeat.

Having been a healer all my life as a Listening Release Guide, this became clear to me as those I speak with have their own epiphany’s! By discussing a topic, there is an ‘aha’ moment and the dots get connected.

I am so thankful during the opportunities to help individuals release physical pain and traumas, and receive answers directed for this lifetime, through Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique and Beyond Quantum Healing. Both excellent venues for Healing.

As an Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder Coach, I have been able to listen and completely understand what develops during encounters of this kind. Most have not heard of this perfectionistic and controlling condition affecting 1 of 8 people throughout the world. I have first hand experience with OCPD and can not only listen but help you too. I am not a doctor or medical professional although my encounters had been challenging too.

Please visit loveandlightwisdom.com, be apart of  Light Workers United: Messages for Humanity Conference,  and allow me the opportunity to assist you.


Rita Shertick

Holistic OB RN, High vibe pregnancy care for a high vibe baby

Holistic OB RN Lamaze doula trained, graduated 1976, BSN. Help newborns maximize their potential starting with a healthy pregnancy and their total environment. Western maternity care is mostly run by doctors brainwashed from Big Pharm. Proper care begins with a healthy microbiome for the fetus from what the mother ingests, experiences and actually does. Mother’s emotions do chemically affect her child and this goes back multiple generations. Vaginal birth and breastfeeding are very important. Skip the vaccines at birth to prevent future health problems. A violent birth breeds a good soldier a calm birth for a peace activist. A bit of everyone’s aura can affect the newborn at birth, must have positive support people around, avoid the negative. Hospital environment needs to change, women need to walk or dance in labour also eat and drink. Birth is a spiritual experience not a medical procedure.Fear porn of birth needs to be stopped and women’s inner strength emphasized, stop pushing drugs in labor, teach the alternatives so our emerging generation is off to a positive start.

Jennifer Mead

Publically available website to aid humanity with the awakening process.

Do you have friends, family or acquaintences who are only now starting to wake up and wonder what is going on?  If so, then The Lamp Lighters website can help.  The Lamp Lighters is all about gently easing one into the world of doing their own research and exploring “rabbit holes.”  The emphasis is on discovering your own truth about what is going on, and the choice as to how deep and/or dark one wants to go is yours alone.  Check out the website — it’s free and no registration or subscription is required:

Contact info:  [email protected]

Home Page

Michael O’Sedona

Missile/Satellite engineer, physicist, pilot, author, inventor, CONTACTEE

I was a Dept of Defense contractor for 10 years working on Star Wars technology in the 1980s. After retiring in 1990, I was invited to join Phoenix’s “Inner Circle” where we uncovered government cover-ups. In 2001, I was visited by three 8′ very white, slightly blue ETs. They downloaded 5 exabytes of data into my brain. Now, I answer any question on any topic on my UFO Tours in Sedona.

Perhaps you have a question.