Reserving a Place to Stay (August 12-15, 2021)

For the best experience, we recommend staying at the venue itself, Hotel Elegante, located at 2886 S Circle Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80906. DISCOUNTED ROOM RATES ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

You may want to search the area for lower price other hotels, using this link:,-104.8186483,13.66z/data=!4m8!2m7!5m5!5m4!1s2021-08-12!2i3!4m1!1i1!6e3

There are also actually many other hotels within walking distance of the Elegante. The closest of which is called SCP Hotel.

Camping Options

For a wide variety of nearby camping options, we recommend checking out HipCamp, which is like Airbnb for campers. Many people in the Colorado Springs region let you reserve space to stay in their back yards, and spacious properties through this service.

Other nearby campgrounds include:

Cheyenne Mountain State Park Campground

Colorado Springs KOA

Golden Eagle Campground

Other nearby options, including RV camping sites

Food Options