Speaker Presentation Subjects

Corey Goode
Shadow Beings, Negative Greetings, Protection & Removal of Negative influences. Discernment around negative experiences.

Stacy Goode
Stories of awakening and paranormal experiences living with Corey

Dr. Michael Salla
The Coming Planetary Split: Transhumanism vs Ascension
The advent of DNA altering vaccines and technologically augmented humans is leading to a fundamental split in humanity. Major urban areas are witnessing the rise of AI, 5G networks, transhumanism, and health-justified techno-fascist regimes; while there is simultaneously an exodus to rural areas where individuals are seeking a more organic lifestyle in alignment with nature, alternative healing modalities, constitutional liberties, and human potential. The long-prophesied split in humanity is happening before our very eyes. As national militaries increasingly seek technologically enhanced humans for future wars, there is also an unprecedented rise of public interest in raising human consciousness and working with benevolent extraterrestrial intelligences. This presentation will focus on the coming planetary split as people are being forced to choose between a dystopian transhumanist future and individual/communal ascension.

Kaya Leigh
Descension for Ascension: When Our Quest for “Out There” Transcendence Maroons Us from the Intimate, Real-Time Wisdom Living Within

Dr. Starr MacKinnon
 “The Earth Experience” – covering the key mental, emotional, and spiritual components of the Earth journey. 

Jeffrey Ashur
Nature of the Higher Self, insights into Ascension, nature of the QHHT process & stories of self healing through regression.

Bill Foss
Reading from the Akashic Records, knowledge gained.

John Vivanco
TBA – Remote Viewing

James Gilliland

Peter Maxwell Slattery
TBA – ECETI Australia

Tricia Margis & Mason Feary

Mike Waskosky
The Ra Contact, The Law of One & Transcendent Identity. Discussion of archetypal nature of all manifestation.