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VIP Pass includes: Front row seating reserved, Special Meet and greet with speakers on Friday evening, Sunday Hike & Other Outings/Activities with participating speakers like Corey, any paid workshops offered during the event (TBD – details Coming by July)


VIP Full Access Pass includes:

  • Front row seating reserved
  • Special Meet and greet with speakers on Friday evening, hors d’oeuvres included
  • Sunday Hike & Other Outings/Activities with participating speakers like Corey

The Ascension Summit is a 3 day event designed to gather lightworkers and extended tribe for spiritual healing and a recharging of higher perspectives & energies. The confusing energies settling upon the collective consciousness offer much to process, but are nevertheless predictable in their efficiency to catalyze awakenings in all souls at this time, awakening many for the first time towards the inner work of greatest importance, and greatest potential for transformations and clarity in gratitude.

We are attempting an unprecedented degree of community focus and organic structure for this event. We are opening up the main stage to presenters from the community, as we want to hear YOUR stories, your experiences and your wisdom. Click here for the application form.

The first 2 days feature speakers who will focus on many subjects relevant to the current awakening process, and the tools & knowledge that can direct us more as we seek further towards refining our inner discernment which is always available.

We are also seeking to open up the final day of the event to outdoor activities, and will provide necessary structure for groups of attendees to form plans to take hikes, enjoy scenery, and have many spiritual and synchronistic discussions and meetings of their own. More on the Adventures Page.

Hotel Accommodations must be purchased separately on the Hotel Elegante reservation site, or check other options on the Places to Stay page.

Purchase also includes immediate access to watch last year’s online “2020 Vision Conference” replay videos through this website.

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