Thursday, August 12

Event Check-in opens at Noon in the Atrium (Next to the main hotel Lobby, where you see indoor trees!)
Hotel Room check-in start for rooms is 3PM.
Informal social gatherings / meet & greet from 4PM to 10PM in the Pikes Peak Ballroom

Friday, August 13

Full day of speakers & community presenters in the Summit Ballroom

9:00AM Caressa Ayres (Sound Healing & Meditation)
10:00AM Mike Waskosky
11:00AM John Vivanco
12:15PM Lunch Break
1:30PM Jeffrey Ashur
2:50PM Dr. Starr MacKinnon
4:15PM Dr. Michael Salla (Remote)
6:15PM Dinner Break
7:00PM – 10:30PM – Community Presentations – 15+ speakers!

Saturday, August 14

Full day of speakers & community presenters in the Grand Ballroom

Grand Ballroom Stage #1 (Left Side)

9:00AM John ThunderHeart Robinson (Sound Healing), More Info
10:00AM Tricia Margis & Mason Feary
11:00AM Bill Foss
12:15PM Lunch Break
1:30PM James Gilliland (Remote)
3:15PM Kaya Leigh
4:45PM Peter Maxwell Slattery (Remote)
6:15PM Dinner Break
7:30PM Stacy Goode
8:30PM – 10PM Corey Goode

Grand Ballroom Stage #2 (Community Stage – Right Side)

9:45AM – 10AM – Tom Trantham, Grandson of Operation High Jump Pilot
10AM – 10:30AM – Andrea Dawn, Clairvoyant & Experiencer –
More Info
10:30AM – 11:AM – Lura Anahata Karuna Kama, Spiritual Counselor
11AM – 11:30AM – Courtney (Ketu) Thomas, Visionary & Owner of Luna Float Spa
11:30AM – 12PM – Allison Gee, Parallel Timeline Experiencer – More Info
12:10PM – 1PM – Dr. Robert Newton, “Using Yoga to Create a Positive Life & Ascension: Scientific Validation” – More Info
1PM – 2PM – Elizabeth Eagle, “Orbs, Light Beings, UFOs and Ancient Builder Civilizations”, More Info
2PM – 3PM – Jacob Cox, “The Power of the Heart”, More Info
3PM – 4PM – Olivia Deirhardt, Intuitive Empath, More Info
4PM – 4:30 – Shaunti LallyiAm, “The Story of a Sacred Earth”, More Info
4:30 – 5PM – Arthur Green, Pyramid Builder/Researcher
5PM – 6PM – Rakie & Linda Rehkop, New Earth Activation Messages, More Info

Sunday, August 15

Summary: A day for outdoor activities. Our main scheduled activities are all at Palmer Park, a 15 min drive North from the hotel, however we are encouraging others to join in groups to do any local activities that interest them, through coordination happening in the Pikes Peak Ballroom on the first floor of the hotel. If you are interested in reviewing all options & recommendations for the area, see the Adventures Page for more.

**WHERE TO GO if you are undecided: Pikes Peak Ballroom, beginning at 9:00AM, for finding activities, forming groups & carpooling.

**Closing Ceremony – We encourage everyone to attend at 6PM: We will have many presenters sharing their visions and meditations of the New Earth. We will conduct group visualizations and activations with firm intent to evoke heaven on earth through shared intention. Head to Lazyland Pavilion by 5PM. (Maps will be provided upon check-in, and linked here.)

**Free Yoga Mats (Allergen Free TPE) will be provided at the Pavilions & in the Pikes Peak Ballroom on Sunday. These are necessary for the workshops. Keep the yoga mat if you can, we have so many!

**VIP Ticketholder Gathering Locations will be announced by email to ticketholders, and by handout upon Check-in at hotel.

Sunday Outdoor Workshop Locations

Palmer Park – “Lazyland” Pavilion (Park Map) (Google Maps)

9:30AM-12PM – Kaya Leigh – Breathwork Training (Note: Pending Air Quality – May happen at Pikes Peak Ballroom)
12PM – Head to Food Trucks at first Parking Lot near Park Entrance (Meadows Pavilion)
1:00pm – 1:30PM – Olivia Deirhardt, Arcturian Energy Clearing Session
1:30pm – 3:30PM – Jeffrey Ashur – Group Regression QHHT Session 
3:30PM – 4PM – Hike & Hangout
4PM – 4:30PM – Rakie & Linda Rehkop – New Earth & Pyramid Activation CeremonyMore Info
4:30PM – 5PM – Intention Setting Ceremony with Jacob Cox & Kassandra Cruz
5PM – 6:30PM – Closing Ceremony, many presenters & meditations

Palmer Park – “Youth Camp” Pavilion  (Google Maps)

10:00AM – 12PM – Caressa Ayres – Jin Shin Jyutsu® Energy Medicine Training
12PM – Head to Food Trucks at first Parking Lot near Park Entrance (Meadows Pavilion)
1:30PM – 3:30PM – Amanda Lynne – Group Regression & Meditation
3:30PM – 3:45PM – Break & Hangout 
3:45PM – 4:45PM – Spiritual Dance and Yoga Meditation with Lura Anahata Karuna Kama
5PM – All join at Lazyland Pavilion for closing

Palmer Park – “Council Grounds” Pavilion (Google Maps)

9:30AM – 11:30AM – Spirituality & Metaphysics Open Discussion, Facilitated/Moderated by Spencer Liles
11:30AM – Head to Food Trucks at first Parking Lot near Park Entrance (Meadows Pavilion)
1PM – 1:30PM – Community Sharing with Lotus, Tuning in to the Sacred
1:30PM – 2PM – Community Sharing on COVID
2PM – 3PM – Community Sharing with YnDon Clark, Hologenetics (Human Design & The Gene Keys)

3PM – 5PM – Live & Improvised, Musical Medicine & Prayers lead by Shaunti LallyiAm
5PM – All join at Lazyland Pavilion for closing

Palmer Park – “Meadows Pavilion” Near Entrance (Google Maps)
Very kid friendly with playground nearby
9:30AM – 10:45AM – Kriya Kundalini Yoga Workshop by Dr. Robert J. Newton
11AM to 2PM – Food Trucks & Picnic Area
2PM – 5PM
–  Hangout Area
5PM – All join at Lazyland Pavilion for closing

Manitou Springs – “Seven Minute Spring” Gazebo & Amphitheater (Google Maps)

11:33AM – 2:00PM – Earth Church Circle (More Info) lead by Shaunti LallyiAm with Dr. Robert Newton as guest presenter
Attendees convened for Earth Church Circle can eat together afterward and then head to Palmer Park for additional workshops/activities. BE SURE TO BRING A YOGA MAT – Grab one from The Pikes Peak Ballroom (free for attendees).
422 Washington Ave, Manitou Springs, CO 80829






August 12 – 15, 2021
Colorado Springs, CO
Hotel Elegante Conference Center