Volunteer Info

To all confirmed Volunteers for the Ascension Summit event:

I am sending this email 2 different ways to make sure it gets through.

Please visit this link and sign up for a couple slots ASAP if you can, particularly slots where no one has signed up yet:

The only thing we absolutely need is at least one person for each check-in support slot, and two people for each door watching slot. (Check in role also involves being an information desk type person, since you will have the maps and schedule printed and available to hand out. More details below.) 

Keep in mind this will be VERY informal. You don’t have to follow what you sign up for if we obviously have enough people, and you don’t have to sign up for anything if you prefer to wait to see where our bigger needs are by the time of Thursday, to see what slots aren’t filled yet.

You may want to check back to this link periodically between now and Friday to see if you want to sign up for more based on what is filled and not filled.

For people with substantial AV/technical skills I will reach out to you individually.

We will have four people who will be the main people to ask questions relating to volunteering:
1. Mike Waskosky (me – 949-351-6280 – I may be the least available)
2. Debbie Graham (general event info & customer support – 701 361-2436)
3. John Turpa (general event info & tech support – 928-255-2052)
4. Brian Harper (Security – 719-660-5470)

Note: You don’t have to sign up for a particular slot to perform a role at a given time. Your yellow wristband (and name badge around your neck) gives you the authority to be a helper in any way that seems appropriate to you during the event.

As a general rule, I want you to assume that people are telling the truth, and write down what they say and their name if anything seems strange. I can review that later on then if necessary. There should be clipboards with paper & pens always around the check-in area (Which is in the Garden/Atrium area next to the lobby & near the kid playground).

Also note that if you sign up for a shift, you don’t necessarily have to stay until the next shift listed, especially since we will have meal breaks and people will be moving around the building.

Map of 1st floor for reference: ascensionsummit2021.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/venue-map1b.jpg

**Door Watching job requirements:

Door watching – you can have a chair! Just make sure people coming into the room are wearing a wristband, and direct them to the Atrium if they are not, but never put up a fight, just ask for their name if they seem sure of themselves, and make a note of it.

Blue wristbands = regular ticketholders.

Green wristbands = regular ticketholders who have a meal plan (can be allowed in the Pikes Peak Ballroom during meal times. During non-meal times, anyone can go in to chat, but we need to clear out non-meal plan holders during meal times to avoid confusing hotel staff).

Purple wristbands = VIP ticket holders (can mingle together in Centennial room shown on map)

Rainbow wristbands = VIP ticket holders who have a meal plan  (can eat dinner 6pm in the Centennial room shown on map)

Yellow wristbands = volunteers

**General Security job requirements:

Only 1 person per time slot is needed, but you can do this sort of while sitting in and watching presentations, just sitting near the back to see if anything needs to be addressed. If someone is heckling obnoxiously, it is appropriate to immediately start walking in their direction, and see if you can ask them to leave. This should not happen in this crowd, but nevertheless, that’s all you would need to do.

Call Brian Harper if anything very weird is going on.

For 1st floor security, you can hang out with people anywhere on the first floor, just move around once in a while and be available to help people with issues. 

For 4th floor security, just hang out in the very back of the Summit Ballroom and make sure nothing weird is going on anywhere.

**Check-in Support job requirements:

In the Atrium. Help people arriving check in, get their handouts, and general directions. May need to accept credit cards using a device as described in the video.

Check-in Training video (15 mins): 

**Helping with Cleanup job requirements:

On Friday and Saturday this job will likely mean moving our check-in stuff, or helping vendors move stuff, from the Atrium or Ballroom areas to the Pikes Peak #4 (Storage) area. Map of 1st floor for reference: ascensionsummit2021.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/venue-map1b.jpg

This includes folding up the wood pyramids to bring to the storage location for overnight safety.

SUNDAY assistance with cleanup will involve moving stuff to trucks most likely.

** General Assistance finding Activities (SUNDAY) & Transportation:

We need several people for these roles! All coordinating done in the Pikes Peak Ballroom. We may especially need a lot of help with driving people over to Palmer Park who don’t have a car. We may be able to get the hotel shuttle to assist, and we may need to help the hotel staff also in helping people shuttle to the park. I am still not 100% sure how this will work sadly, but I think we will know by Sunday morning and make sure everyone helping is informed.

**Helping Deliver Boxes of Yoga Mats

Go to the storage area at 9am. Will probably take one or two trucks to deliver yoga mats to Palmer Park. For strong people only. I have 175 freaking yoga mats in my basement at the moment, which I will probably have all stored in Pikes Peak #4 by Sunday.

Note that all of the above jobs listed are referring to the timeslots you can select on the Volunteer slot selection site: